Our patent protected fuel cell architecture designs out almost all the degradation mechanisms associated with conventional hydrogen PEM fuel cells. It also replaces up to 80% of the expensive platinum catalyst used in conventional designs with a low cost liquid catholythe.


Out-of-Laboratory Demo Unit

Our technology is at TRL-6. An out-of-lab 1kW demonstrator system is deployed in an industrial setting. We are currently scaling our systems to address the stationary power market.




Lower Cost

Comparative cost analysis by E4Tech on volume production quantities show Clean Power's technology to save between 33% and 50% against conventional designs depending on the platinum loading on the Cathode of conventional designs and the cost of platinum.


Novel Hybrid System

Our system uses an anode from a PEM fuel cell and a redox flow battery type cathode to give exceptional durability. See the figure above for details of the chemical reactions involved. More information can be found in N.L.O.Gunn et al, Journal of Power Sources, 348 (2017) pp107-117.


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